Random Chars Text Effect  v.1

Really easy to use Random Text Chars Effect.

AKS Word Count  v.1.0

Count words, lines, paragraphs, chars in files of different types, including PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, OpenOffice, RTF. The software can also count words in the whole folders.


SQL Server 2005 Decryptor

This program decrypts encrypted stored procedures, triggers, views, user defined functions in SQL Server 2005. Just in case if you lost the source code... Demo version can decrypt only first 333 chars.

File Off Standard Edition  v.1 3

File Off Standard Edition enables you to encrypt message larger than 500 chars. This software encrypts your letters for secure transfer across the net and hides your encrypted letters in pictures or videos files.

Picture-Message Editor  v.1.0.3

Picture-Message Editor is a great tool which can send picture messages with your own text to many Nokia phones. These messages contain a graphic (72x28) and your own text, max. 121 chars.

NJAD64V  v.1 1

NJAD64V (Not Just Another D64 Viewer) is a free tool hat will display the contents of D64 disks as real Commodore 64 graphics using the original chars and colors without having to use any emulator or a real C64.

XPwdGen  v.1.0.3

Create your password with this tool. xPwdGen is a small tool which allows you to generate thousands of passwords. It offers you options like to use numbers, letters (lower/upper-case/mixed), special-chars.

Nomen Mugen Editor  v.0.1

Create Mugen creations with this tool. Nomen Mugen Editor offer you an open source editor for Mugen creations. It can Edit Both Sff 1.0 and Sff 2.0 formatNomen is an editor for creating / editing Mugen works (chars, stages, etc).

Firesoft  v.1.5.1

Firesoft is program to launch programs, a Windows 7 start menu software - you type few chars and press enter and the software launches. It supports hotkeys and system tray functionality.

Dungeon Stalker FREE  v.

*** New in 1.16! ‎- Increased experience size to allow very high level chars - Is now possibile to descend below level 500...good luck! *** The Dragon Queen, evil ruler of these dark times subjugated the land with her legion of minions. She is

TMORE  v.1.0.1

Tweet more at once with tMORE! So much to say, so little space on Twitter? Boost your Twitter Tweets with tMORE and escape the 140 characters limitation of Twitter!


SpaceObServer is a harddisk space manager for Windows 200X/XP/Vista. A background service scans directories and stores structure and sizes in an SQL database. A Unicode enabled user interface reports space usage, growth, wasted space, compression rate and

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